AV for dance studio in Nottingham

Challenge: to replace three aged Hitachi projectors with a state-of-the-art solution appropriate for a modern dance studio.

Nottinghamshire-based school came to us with the requirement of replacing three aged Hitachi projectors in their Dance Studio. What they required was three projectors capable of projecting near 3 metre images and displaying three different images from one PC.

We immediately chose Epson as our preferred projector vendor, as they are market-leading in the Education sector. We then needed to address the issue of projecting three different images. With the installation of an internal video in the PC with 3 Mini DisplayPorts and StarTech.com’s Mini-Display to Female HDMI Cables, we were able to install the projectors into the bespoke system – and provide a tailored solution to meet the dance school’s requirements.  As a popular British TV programme would say, ‘Keeeeep dancing!’