Westwood Associates Ltd.
Hampden House Hampden Road
Chalfont St Peter

email: info@westwoodassociates.co.uk
tel: 01753 887161
fax: 01753 891214

About Us

Westwood’s Story

Westwood Associates has been in the IT industry since 1987 and our continued growth and success are down to delivering exactly the right solution, for a wide range of customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to guide our clients to the most appropriate technology for their business.
We offer expert advice and a friendly, professional service. In addition, we are able to meet the most stringent customer requirements, such as same-day delivery and hard to source items within tight timeframes. Whether you require maintenance support or warranty enhancements, our account managers and technical team have the skills and knowledge to assist you. We are able to offer flexible mobile solutions and a varied personal computing approach to supply and support.
Westwood Associates has a client base including small, medium and large businesses along with an extensive list of educational establishments, all of which find our expertise and efficiency to be invaluable. Our attention to detail and highly focused attitude enables us to deliver quality infrastructure solutions. In today’s sensitive and data rich environment, we are equipped to deliver secure and reliable solutions.