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Ransomware has been one of the biggest trending topics of 2016, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. Just in Q3 2016, Kaspersky Lab blocked 821,865 crypto-ransomware attacks; more than in the whole of 2015!

Kaspersky Lab customers are protected against Ransomware thanks to its layered defense model. All included in our Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business solution: 

System Watcher: Provides ‘Next Gen’ protection against unknown and advanced zero-day threats. Monitors and logs malware changes and can restore changes made by Ransomware after termination of the Ransomware process.

Application Privilege Control: Assigns the rights a process has to the operating system. Easily adds file types and folders to the protected resource, meaning Ransomware cannot encrypt this files and folders as it will not have write access to them.

Automatic Exploit Prevention: Helps to ensure malware can’t exploit vulnerabilities within the operating systems or applications that are running on the network. AEP specifically monitors the most frequently targeted applications – including Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Java and many more – to deliver an extra layer of security monitoring and protection against unknown threats.

These are just some of the many layers of protection in Kaspersky’s solutions. 

Don’t get held to Ransom! 


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Find out how to avoid funding cybercrime through ransom payments by combining the effectiveness of host-based and server-based anti-cryptor security solutions.  
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