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Dear Customer,

Ransomware attacks grew by almost 700% on average globally in 2014-2015*. Companies of all sizes are being targeted by cybercriminals, who encrypt and hold their data ‘hostage’ until a ransom is paid.

Stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals!

40% of businesses don’t believe ransomware is that big a problem1
Kaspersky Lab detected four times
more ransomware attacks in 2015
than in 20142
In 2015, an estimated $325m was
extorted from ransomware victims
The financial sector is the biggest
target for attacks4
In Q1 2016, Kaspersky Lab’s experts
detected 2,900 new modifications of
In Q1 2016, Kaspersky Lab security
solutions protected 372,602 users
from ransomware attacks6
17% of ransomware attacks
specifically target businesses7
One of the most famous and
widespread ransomware attacks of
2016 is Locky – Kaspersky Lab
has reported attacks from this Trojan in 114 countries.
The Petya cryptomalware attack not
only encrypts data but also over-
writes the hard drive’s master boot
record (MBR) so victims can’t boot
into their operating system.
In 2015, Kaspersky Lab solutions
protected 443,920 users worldwide
from cryptomalware, depriving
criminals of almost $53m in illegal
Join Kaspersky Lab in our campaign to Stop Ransom!
100% of cryptomalware demand a ransom.
Don’t pay! Use your free anti-ransomware tool for business today!
Current Kaspersky Lab customers can already receive the security benefits of the Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool via the System Watcher and KSN components which are part of our Kaspersky Endpoint Security solution for workstations. Email us on to find out more.

Best wishes,
Westwood Associates in Partnership with Kaspersky Lab


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